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Pacific County Washington Gold

Pacific County Washington Gold

Fort Canby

You can find placer gold in the black sand deposits at the mouth of the Columbia River. Also platinum is said to be contained in the sand.


Just south of Ilwaco, on island at the mouth of the Columbia River, is the location of the Sand Island Placers. It was productive for gold and Platinum.


At the mouth of the Naselle River, on the beach along Chetlo Harbor peninsula, about .5 miles from U.S. 101, is the Chetlo Harbor Mine. It had a vein 3 feet wide and 300 feet along the beach.

Ocean Park

On the area beaches in the black sand deposits, you can find very fine placer gold and platinum.

Grays Harbor County Washington Gold

In Grays Harbor County look for gold in black beach sands in the areas of Oyhut and Cow Point, near Moclips.

Grays Harbor County Washington

Clallam County Washington Gold


Arch-A-Wat is located W of Neah Bay, on the Pacific Ocean. If you go south of Arch-A-Wat along the beach to between Portage Head and Point of Arches, in sections 18, 19 and 30, T32N R15W, you will find the Shi Shi Beach (Lovelace) Placer Mine. The road from Neah Bay reaches a place on the cliff above the beach where there are some productive placers. Gold, platinum, iridium and zircon can be found. 2 miles north of the mouth of the Ozette River, section 12 T31N R16W, is the location of the Ozette Beach Placer. You can access it from a trail from the Little Ozette River. Gold and Platinum can be found here. In T30N R15W at the mouth of Little Wink Creek, in the S 1/2 of the SW 1/4 section 1, is the location of the Little Wink Placers. Also near a small stream in the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 section 19, The Main and Barnes Placer Mines, which consisted of fine gold, platinum, silver, zircon. At high tide level in SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of section 18, is the Morrow Placer, consisting of flour gold. 2 miles south of Sand Point, in SW 1/4 section 18 is the Yellow Banks Placer, which consisted of gold, platinum. You can reach it by hiking along beach from Ozette River mouth or north from La Push.

La Push

North of La Push 4 miles along beach, at Johnson Point (Cape Johnson) in the NW 1/4 Section 5 T28N R15W, is the Johnson Point Placer. In the beach black sands and adjacent bench black sand deposits you can find placer gold and platinum. North of La Push 10 miles along beach, near mouth of Cedar Creek, in the E 1/2 of section 18 T29N R15W, is the Cedar Creek Placers. You can find very fine gold here. In section 19, black sand beach deposits contain gold and platinum. North on the beach 125 feet NW of the mouth of Big Wink Creek in NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 section 12 T30N R16W is the Morgan Placers.

Clallam County Washington

Port Angeles

South of Port Angeles, between Ennis Creek and the head of White Creek, on Melick Farm, in section 23 T30N R6W, is the Port Angeles Mine. This was a lode gold mine. If you go Southeast 6 miles and 3.5 miles by trail, on Cowan Creek, a tributary to the Little River, in section 6 T29N R6W, is the location of the Angeles Star Mine. This was a lode gold, copper and zinc mine.


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