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Snohomish County Washington Gold

Snohomish County Washington Gold

Snohomish County contains 236 lode mines and 42 placer mines. Most of the gold came from the Monte Cristo and Silverton Districts.


Near Darrington, on Deer Creek, is the Deer Creek Placers which were very productive. South of town on White Horse Mountain in Section 14 T32N R8E, is the Calf Moose Placer which produced some nice nuggets. In section 13, is the Cow Moose Placer, which was very productive as well. On the west side of the Sauk River, near Darrington, in NW 1/4 of section 22 T32N R9E, is the Darrington Placer, which was very heavily worked. In T32N R9E, on Jumbo Mountain, in section 27 (SE 1/4), is the Queen Anne Mine. The Queen Anne Mine was a base metal mine that produced a by product of gold. On the east side of Gold Mountain, in NW 1/4 section 27, is the Elwell-Darrington Mine and Burns Prospect. These mines produced lode gold and copper. In the NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 29, five miles from Darrington, is the Sunrise (North Star, Oldfield) Mine. This mine was 4 claims that produced lode gold. On the north side of the mountain, in section 32, is the Sloman Mine, which produced lode gold, copper and silver. In section 24 T32N R9E and section 19 T32N R10E is the Blue Bird Mine. The Blue Bird Mine was a base metals and silver mine that produced a by product of gold. On the west side of Gold Mountain, in NW 1/4 section 18 T32N R10E, is the Burns Mine, which consisted of 7 claims for lode gold with copper and silver. In the area 7 miles from Bedel and 7 miles from Barlow Pass, is the Perm Mine, which produced lead, silver and zinc with a by product of gold.


West of Index by .5 miles, on the North side of the Skykomish River, NE 1/4 of section 19 T27N R10E, is the Line a Little Placer, which consisted of 2 claims for placer gold. This was a real productive mine. Out of Index 9 miles on the North Fork of the Skykomish River, in sections 19 and 20 T28N R11E, is the Bonnie Belle Placer. On the west slope of Iron Mountain, possibly in section 29 T28N R11E, is the Black Hawk Mine. The Black Hawk was a lode mine that comprised 4 claims.

Monte Cristo

The Monte Cristo district, is in the south central part of the county which with the Index, Silverton, Silver Creek and Sultan districts make a territory 20 miles long and 10 miles wide extending from the center of the county to the King County Line that produces considerable amounts of gold. In SE 1/4 section 3 T28N R11E, the area along Silver Creek, is the Remonille Mine. This mine was a lode gold mine consisting of 3 claims. On the west side of Silver Creek, in section 6, is the Red Cloud Mine. This mine was a lode gold, silver and lead mine. On the west side of Silver Creek, in NE 1/4 section 19, is the Michigan Mine which produced lode gold , silver and lead. There are many mines in the area of the Michigan Mine. Northeast .25 miles, in section 22 T29N R11E, is the Rainy (Ben Lomond) Mine, 3 claims which produced lode gold and silver. In section 22, 1 mile east of Monte Cristo, is the Keystone Mine, which produced lode gold, copper, lead and silver. Nearby in section 26, is the Monte Cristo (Mystery Pride) Mine. The Monte Cristo Mine, consisted of 14 claims, primarily for copper, lead, silver and zinc, but also produced a by product of gold. Half mile northeast of Goat Lake, in SE 1/4 of section 2, is the Glory of the Mountain Mine, which consisted of 7 claims for lode gold and silver. West 2.5 miles on the east slope of the ridge dividing the Sauk, sultan and Stilaguamish waterways, overlooking Crater Lake, is the Del Campo Mine. In section 33 T29N R11E , on the north side of Silver Creek, .25 miles east of Red Gulch, in W 1/2 of section 32, is the Mineral Center Mine. 2 miles from Monte Cristo on the Mineral City road, is the Good Hope Mine. On the east side of the East Fork of Silver Creek, is the Minnehaha Mine. In the Wilmon Peak Area, on the northwest side, in section 27 T29N R11E, overlooking Monte Cristo, is the Justice Mine. On the west slope, in NE 1/4 section 27, is the Peabody Mine. On the West side of Weden Creek, is the Northwest Consolidated Mine. You will find lots of mines on the USGS map of the area.


Just west of Silverton, on Marten Creek, in NW 1/4 section 11 T30N R9E, is the Silver Coin Mine. Southeast of that by .5 miles, at the mouth of Silver Gulch are many old mines. Northeast of Silver Gulch by 2 miles in sections 8 and 9 T30N R10E, is the Double Eagle Placer which was very productive. On the south side of the Stilaguamish River, at the foot of Huckleberry Ridge in sections 17-19, is the Eclipse Mine.


At the west end of Sultan, on the Sultan River, T28N R8E, is the Sultan River Placer, which was probably in section 31. The Sultan River is very rich for placer gold. Numerous placer deposits on this River.

Pend Oreille County Washington Gold

Pend Oreille County Washington Gold

There were 38 lode mines and 5 placer mines reported in Pend Oreille County up until 1959. Probably the most likely places to prospect would be on the Pend Oreille River and its Tributary, Sulivan Creek, above Metaline Falls.

Browns Lake Placers

In Township 34N Range 44E at the east end of Brown’s Lake, in the NW 1/4 NE 1/4 section 24, is the location of the Browns Lake Placers.

Deemer Mine

In section 2 Township 39N Range 45E, is the Deemer Mine. It consisted of 5 claims, that used open cuts. Most of the open cuts are caved in now. This was a lode mine.

Farmer Jones Mine

Out of Newport 4 miles, in Pine Canyon, is the Farmer Jones Mine and Mill. It produced lode gold.

Gilbert Mine

In section 24, Township 31N Range 44E, is the location of the Gilbert Mine. This mine processed free milling gold in quartz.

Hansen Mine

In section 14 Township 30N Range 43E, 1 mile from road, is the Hansen Mine. It produced copper, lead, zinc and a by product of gold.

Harvey Bar Placer

On the Pend Oreille River, .5 miles west of Slate Creek Road, in the north center section 26 Township 40N R43E, is the location of the Harvey Bar Placer Mine.

Isabella Mine

In Township 34N Range 44E in section 26 SE 1/4 NW 1/4, is the Isabella Mine. It produced lode gold with copper and silver.

Nevell Mine

In Township 30N Range 43E, on the main highway, in section 24, is the Nevell Mine. It produced lode gold and silver.

Schierding Placer

On the east side of the Pend Oreille River, just below mount of the Z Canyon gorge, 2.5 miles west of Crescent Lake, is the location of the Schierding Placer. This placer was worked using a dragline dredge and produced some nice nuggets.

Schultz Placer

Placer gold can be found near the southeast corner of section 19 township 39N range 43E, in a draw near Schultz’s Cabin. This was the location of The Schultz Placer.

Sullivan (O’Sullivan) Creek Placer

On Sullivan Creek, near Metaline Falls, is the Sullivan Creek Placer. Nuggets up to 2 ounces have been found here.

Sunrise Mine

In section 22 Township 30N Range 44E, is the Sunrise Mine. It was a lode gold and silver mine.

Wold Mine

In the northeast 1/4 section 24 Township 30N Range 43E, is the Wold Mine. It was a lode gold producer.


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