Yakima County Washington Gold

Most of the gold in Yakima County came from the far northwest corner of the county, along the boundary of Pierce County on the northeast side of Mount Rainier.

Summit District

The Summit district is located in township 16 and 17 N, range 10 and 11 E. Near the head of Morse Creek, is the Morse Creek Placer Mine. This mine was said to produce well in the early days and produced coarse to large gold nuggets. In T26N R11E in the NW 1/4 of section 4, the Elizabeth Gold Hill Mine, which produced lode gold, copper, lead and silver. In section 6 is the Highland Mine. In T17N R10E, in section 25, is the Black Hawk Mine. In T17N R11E in SW 1/4 section 29, is the Comstock Mine. Just west of the Comstock Mine is the Crown Point Mine. In the SW 1/4 section 31, is the Damfino Mine and in the S 1/2 , is the Gold Hill Mine 9 (on Morse Creek Rd.) Along the Cascade crest from Bear Gap to Crown Point, in section 31, is the Fife Mine, which has access by road up Morse Creek from Chinook Pass Hwy. and 1/2 mile by trail. In sections 4 and 5 are the Elizabeth Placer and the Gold Links Placer.

White Swan

Southwest of White Swan, across the Yakima Indian Reservation (get permission to enter at the agency) to the Klikitat River, in section 14 of T8N R12E, is the Surveyors Creek Placer. It was real productive.