In Benton County, Washington allĀ  low water sand and gravel bars in the Columbia River contain placer gold. On the north bank of the Columbia River in section 1, T5N, R28E and in section 6, T5N, R29E, The Berrian Island (Goody) Placer Mine, consisted of four separate operations, but was decent in production.

Benton County Washington Gold


In a deserted channel of the Columbia River, east of Alderdale by four miles, is the Artesian Coulee Placer that covers several miles of gold prospects. It can be found in section 6, T4N, R24E.


Along the Snake River, northeast of Burbank above its junction with the Columbia River, in the low water sand and gravel bars, Washington gold can be found in the form of placer desposits.


In the Columbia River, near Patterson is the location of the Blalock Island Placer Mine. It was three separate operations. Also the Gone Busted Placer is two operations, with dry land washing plant, operated from 1938-1940 for placer gold.


In SW 1/4 section 33, T9N R25E, is the location of the Prosser Mine. Just go east of Prosser three miles. The mine is located on the south side of highway, which was a lode gold producer.

Berrian Island Placer / Goody Placer

Located in Benton County Washington in Section 1, 528E, and section 6, 529E is the Berrian Island Placers ( also known as the Goody Placer) on the north banks of the Columbia River. Here you kind find fine flour gold. Here the J.G. Shotwell aggregate plant operated. Low grade concentrates were recovered. The plant last operated for six weeks in 1949.